Tips for Writing a College Essay that Makes the Grade

Winter is here, and that means it is time to start preparing your college essays and applications so they are ready for spring deadlines. High school graduation is coming soon, and most college applications are due sometime in April. Follow these tips for writing a college essay so you will know where you are spending the next four years of your life.

Make your essay enjoyable to read.

No one likes to read a boring essay, and that includes college admissions officers. Many of them have been doing their job for years and years, and they have read thousands of essays. Make yours unique without sounding like you are trying too hard. Remember that college admissions officers can spot a phony a mile away. Be yourself but put the focus on your best traits, and take an honest look at your shortcomings without talking down about yourself. This is one of the most important tips for writing a college essay.
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Research the school you are writing the essay for. The schools you are applying to have their own unique characteristics and traits. Make sure you learn the ins and outs of the schools you want to go. Alumni will often post in forums and on the school website about their alma mater. Tips for writing a college essay for their school can be found in these places. Use the experience of past students so you get exactly what the school is looking for.

Whatever you do, do not procrastinate.

When we tell you to edit and revise, edit and revise, we are not kidding. College admissions officers can tell a finished final product from a rough draft. They will also be a little harder on those applications that come in right at the deadline since you have had so much more time than everyone else to work on your essay.

Do not send the exact same essay to multiple schools.

There is software that will allow you to send the same essay out to many schools. This may be acceptable if you are going to a state school or a small private college, but this likely will not work if you are applying to a school that is very competitive. Some tips for writing a college essay will tell you this will not matter, but we can guarantee you that the harder-to-get-into schools will know the difference.

Follow these tips for writing a college essay and you will have your pick of schools!